D-K Manufacturing Corporation
NTSA Precision

D-K Manufacturing Corporation Assurance Leads to Customer Satisfaction

At D-K Manufacturing Corporation we continue to strive for improvement. We realize to stay competitive quality must extend to every business activity, not just in production, but from response to an initial inquiry, to service, and follow up long after a product has been shipped.

D-K makes every effort to meet and to exceed our customer's requirements by focusing on concepts that help to manage the variables that exist in the production process. By intergrading our quality manual with practices of lean manufacturing process, employee involvement and training, assures customer satisfaction.

We continue the process of involving our employees to understand the needs of our customers. Everyone is encouraged to listen to customers and understand what is expected from us to meet those needs. All personnel must be aware of the consequences of their process to the quality of next operation and subsequently the final product. The next internal/external operation should always be considered a customer, and given the same respect that one would give a customer. By working together within a frame work of participative management and employee involvement, gives us the flexibility necessary to meet our customers varied needs.

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