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Precision Stamped Coupling Guard for the Commercial and Industrial Pump Industry

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Coupling Guard
Coupling Guard
Coupling Guard

When contracted by a client located in Auburn, New York to manufacture a series of coupling guards used on a pump and motor assembly, D-K Manufacturing Corporation employed our advanced stamping technology to produce these units in two different sizes. Based off a customer supplied 2D print, we first spent three days building a prototype of the coupling guard, ensuring that our design met precise customer specifications before beginning full manufacturing procedures.

Once we received client approval on the prototype, we began mass manufacturing all units by employing our superior stamping equipment. Each guard was constructed from bright annealed, twenty-four gauge stainless steel material. We blank cut the rough shape of each unit using a gap frame 60 ton press. Then we used a rubber form to produce the exact shape of each part. We employed rubber material during this second production phase in order to construct this final shape with minimal scratches. After the parts were fully manufactured, we then washed all units clean.

Upholding a (±) 0.1 mm tolerance, we manufactured each unit to measure either 104 or 120 mm in length. All parts measured 150 mm wide and 29.6 mm high. It took our engineers seven days to complete all short run tooling (soft tooling) and seven weeks to complete all production tooling. We now manufacture four hundred coupling guards per month for this client, producing these two different sizes from the same tooling.



Project Highlights:

Product Description
  • This Coupling Guard is used on a pump and motor assembly
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Stamping: Why type of stamping process? 1st operation Flat Blank - produces multiple sizes (length); 2nd operation formed using rubber to obtain shape with minimal scratches.
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
  • Blanked in a Gap frame 60 ton press; formed in a 80 to Gap frame press
Overall Part Dimensions
  • 104mm Long x 140mm Width x 29.6mm High
Tightest Tolerances
  • ±0.1mm
Material Used
  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel Bright Annealed
  • 24 Gage
Typical Operations
  • Stamping:
  • Blank Cut Out Flat Shape to Size
  • 31.8mm Wide
  • R 38
  • R 6mm
  • R 2mm
  • Form Large Radius and Sides
  • R 79mm
  • 2x ø5 Thru Holes
  • Use Rubber Form to Produce Shape
  • Finish:
  • Wash Clean
  • Any polishing or coating? no
In process testing performed
  • no
Estimated Part Weight
  • .221 lbs/each
Industry for Use
  • Fluid Pumps
Delivery Time
  • 3 days for prototype; 7 days for short run tooling (soft tooling)
  • 7 weeks for production tooling.
  • 400/month (2) different sizes from same tooling
Delivery Location
  • Auburn, New York
Standards Met
  • Customer supplied print, 2D Auto CAD Drawing
Product Name
  • Coupling Guard

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